Update on Alexander Trans – Training for the Pan

Our friends at www.mma-connection.com have a number of interesting fighter blogs, and one of them is for Danish BJJ World Champion Alexander Trans. He is at the moment training in Brazil and preparing for all the big tournaments on the international circuit. You can find our interview with Alexander Trans here: Interview with Alexander Trans
Here is what’s new with him, straight from Brazil:

“It’s been some time since my last update, because there isn’t really that much to tell. Im still training hard every week, and getting sharper every day. I was supposed to fight in Recife this weekend, but the guys who organize the competition are really unprofessional, I was told Thursday that it is going to be moved to next week, so I’m not fighting, as it’s going to be too close to the Pan, and it’s not an important championship for me. For that reason this week became light, I always stop doing weights the week leading up to the championships, and rest 4 days before the day I’m going to fight. So this week I rested on Wednesday, and then I started again Thursday when I found out that it had been cancelled.
 So I did only 8 trainings so far, and it’s Friday, I’m going to do 4 sessions over the weekend to catch up a little. But it’s alright, it was nice for me to rest a little, the training has been really hard, not just the volume, but the intensity is really high, especially the morning trainings, we do A LOT of sparring, and it’s unbelievably hot here in Joao Pessoa at that time during the day, even the guys who live here suffer, so it’s tough for me, but I’m adapting to it. I feel really sharp, I’m working on some new strageties and positions, I hope to do a lot betterat the Pan than I did at the Europeans, and I believe I will.
There’s only 2 weeks left now, I’m really excited about fighting. I know I’m going to have some really tough guys in my division, and that’s even more important to me than winning the title itself, fighting the best guys, that’s why I do this. The week after I’m thinking about going to a championship in Fortaleza, that’s going to have a 3000 $ prize in the Absolute, and the following week I’ll do the World Pro Cup. 3 weeks after that I’ll fight the Brasileiro, and 4 weeks after I’ll fight the Mundial. So I’m going to have a lot of championships coming up, it’s going to be nice!
Take care!

Alexander Trans ”