UFC’s Teruto Ishihara Gives Advice On How To Get The Ladies

UFC’s Teruto Ishihara Gives Advice On How To Get The Ladies

The UFC’s Japanese MMA fighter Teruto Ishihara is an interesting individual…

Ishihara has recently admitted that the only reason he fights MMA is get girls!

He is 10-7-1 as a pro fighter and 3-5-1 in the UFC.

He recently stated that he wants to be a superstar in the UFC and is trying to learn English right now. He wants to learn English so he can:

“bang b-tches all around the world.”

Teruto Ishihara gives advice on how to get the ladies:

Funny moments from UFC featherweight Teru Ishihara, a fighter and a lover / ladies man, and creator of the catchphrase “I love you my b*tches”:

He stated:

“I don’t like MMA,” he said. “I don’t like boxing. I don’t like wrestling. I don’t like grappling. I like only [women]. I don’t want to fight. I really don’t. I’m not trying to get fans or be different from anyone else. I don’t want to fight.

“I do this because it’s the best way I know of to get girls. If you fight, and you get the knockout, you get the girls. That’s my thing, getting the girls.”

“MMA is something I shine in and when I’m fighting is when I look my best,” he said. “I think I’m most attractive to girls when I’m doing this. If I thought I was good at something else that would get the girls to pay attention to me, I’d do that.

“If I thought soccer was that thing, I’d do soccer. Singing, I’d sing. I’d even do a cooking show if it brought me the girls.”

About sex being bad for fighters:

“The people who say that are just scared-y cats,” Ishihara said. “I’ll stop 10 days out before a fight, but during the training camp is when I’m at my wildest.”

“My Dad was a big playboy,” Ishihara said. “My Dad would take me with him to see a [woman] he was having an affair with. It wasn’t that uncommon. I grew up seeing that kind of stuff.”

“I want to experience as many women in the world as I can,” Ishihara said. “…The reason I’m in the UFC is that there are so many people who watch it and that’s the best way to help me become as popular as I can with them.”

“He wants to be a superstar in the UFC. He thinks that it makes no sense for him to fight in the UFC if he can’t even speak a little bit of English. Obviously, that’s why he is trying to learn English right now. He wants to learn English so he can bang b-tches all around the world.”

When asked about his current English-speaking abilities, Ishihara did not give a clear answer. But he believes there’s one thing that would prove he successfully learned the language.

“Once he’s able to pick up a girl and be able to take them home, that’ll give him confidence,” the translator said. “Eventually, he wants to make a girlfriend out in the States and learn English from them.

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