UFC’s Cub Swanson Shares Deep-Rooted Feud with Kron Gracie and His Ban from BJJ Gyms

UFC’s Cub Swanson Shares Deep-Rooted Feud with Kron Gracie and His Ban from BJJ Gyms

In a candid revelation, UFC veteran Cub Swanson opened up about a long-standing feud with Kron Gracie, shedding light on the intricate dynamics within the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community. Swanson’s story is a testament to the deep-seated rivalries and personal politics that often simmer beneath the surface of martial arts.

Swanson and Gracie’s rivalry isn’t just another competitive spat; it traces back to Swanson’s early days in BJJ. According to Swanson, his relationship with the Gracie family was fraught with tension from the start. The Gracies, a dynasty in the world of BJJ, have a storied legacy that commands both respect and, at times, fear. Swanson’s run-ins with members of the Gracie family led to a significant fallout, culminating in Swanson being banned from numerous BJJ gyms.

“They said that they just didn’t want the beef. They were like, ‘No disrespect, we like you, but it just wouldn’t look good and they would take it personal.’ So I had to go back to my hometown, to my original instructor, and a kid that I had gotten into jiu-jitsu with when I started training.”


This ban, Swanson claims, was due to the Gracies taking personal offense to his actions. The nature of these actions remains somewhat nebulous, but it’s clear that the Gracie family’s influence in the BJJ world is formidable enough to impact Swanson’s access to training facilities. The ban not only affected his training opportunities but also highlighted the powerful grip of martial arts dynasties on the sport.

“I had just won the Pan Ams, and it really pissed me off because they wouldn’t give me any points in the match with Kron,” Swanson recalled. I felt really disrespected by the Gracies and the politics of Jiu-Jitsu. I was so pissed off. I used to idolize these guys. I was a Jiu-Jitsu but that’s when I started to start training MMA.”

“Sixteen years later, I’m on a four-fight losing streak…and they go, ‘You wanna fight Kron Gracie?’”

Swanson’s narrative paints a picture of a BJJ community where personal vendettas can influence professional paths. His experience with the Gracie family underscores a broader issue within the martial arts world: the intersection of personal and professional conflicts. Swanson’s ban from BJJ gyms is a stark reminder of the potential consequences when personal grievances become intertwined with professional careers.

Despite these challenges, Swanson has continued to carve out a successful career in the UFC. His story is one of resilience and determination, illustrating how he navigated the complex web of personal relationships and professional ambitions. Swanson’s ongoing feud with Kron Gracie adds another layer to his already storied career, showcasing the intense rivalries that can develop in the high-stakes world of combat sports.

Swanson’s revelations also provide a glimpse into the often unseen pressures faced by martial artists. Beyond the physical and technical demands of the sport, athletes like Swanson must also contend with the intricate social dynamics within their communities. For Swanson, the feud with Kron Gracie and the subsequent ban from BJJ gyms were significant hurdles that he had to overcome, shaping his journey in the martial arts world.

In the end, Swanson’s story is not just about a personal feud; it’s about the broader challenges faced by athletes navigating the complex interplay of personal relationships and professional goals. His experience serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience required to succeed in the world of martial arts, where personal and professional lines often blur, creating a unique set of challenges and opportunities.