UFC Vet ‘Shoe Face’ Accused of Harassing Woman on Big Brother Brazil

UFC Vet ‘Shoe Face’ Accused of Harassing Woman on Big Brother Brazil

In the Brazilian reality show “BBB 23” , Antonio Cara de Sapato (Shoe face, his nickname) is being accused of sexual harassment by the public. Last Wednesday (15th), during a party, the fighter kissed participant Dania Mendez after she told him multiple times not to.

Diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, Cara de Sapato is the butt of all jokes at BBB 23. During the party, Cara de Sapato even kissed the Mexican. In one of the rooms of the house, the athlete asked Domitila, another BBB 23 participant, to say “bitoca de amigo” in Spanish to Dania Mendez, who responded by calling Antônio “cheeky”. Afterwards, Domitila told Dania that Sapato was acting that way because he “drank whiskey”: “He said it was because he drank some whiskey today. He usually never drinks,” said Domitila.

Soon after, Cara de Sapato hugged Dania Mendez, grabbed the Mexican’s neck and lowered her face to try to kiss her. Upon noticing another attack by the fighter, the participant said again: “Cheeky shoe. No more whiskey.” In another moment, when the participants of the reality show were already getting ready to sleep, Dania was already in bed and, then, she was again the “target” of Sapato. The fighter hugged the Mexican once more, making her lie down on the bed. With that, the former UFC fighter and BJJ black belt controlled her legs as if if he using Jiu-Jitsu on her, and threw himself on top of the participant and even pulled the duvet to cover them. Mendez then removed the duvet and once again walked away.

In another image, you can see Cara de Sapato lying in bed next to Dania Mendez, with the duvet over both of them. The Mexican then tries to get out from under the duvet and says: “Ya, no. Get out, crazy”. Another record shows the fighter trying to hold the participant by the legs and arms.

Fighter’s team takes a stand

After all the events of the party during the night, Antônio Cara de Sapato’s team, through social networks, took a stand and apologized for the fighter’s attitudes:

“About last night. We know some actions can’t be done even as a joke. Because of that, we sincerely apologize to Dania and her family for what happened. When he leaves the house and sees the footage, Shoeface will need to understand what happened, reassess some behaviors and learn that some lines can’t be crossed.”

Trainer of Sapato and other big names in MMA, Luiz Dórea used his official Twitter profile to also talk about the case involving the fighter: “Sapato’s attitude during the night does not match his nature! I speak with propriety, because I know him very well, but we know that the limit has to be respected. I’m sure that when he reviews the images he will apologize for his behavior. My apologies!”.

Public calls for Sapato’s expulsion from BBB 23

In view of all that happened at the BBB 23 party, throughout this Thursday, through social networks, several people who watch the reality show sent messages asking for the departure of the fighter.

Antônio Cara de Sapato, who turns 33 this Thursday (16), was considered one of the favorites to win the BBB 23, but given his behavior at last Wednesday’s party, the fighter now appears as one of the most hated by fans of the reality show.