Tye Ruotolo: “We’re Opening Our Gym In About A Month”

Tye Ruotolo: “We’re Opening Our Gym In About A Month”

Tye and Kade Ruotolo have been working on building their new gym in Costa Rica for some time now.
And it seems that the opening day is now just around the corner!

Tye revealed that the gym will be “done” in around a month – and he’s super excited about achieving a goal that he thought would take much longer to achieve:

We’re finally getting it done in about a month, which is mind-blowing to us that it’s happening.

You know, we’re 20 and I thought for sure, when growing up: “We’ll have a gym when we’re 35 and finish competing and slow down.”
It’s happening and I’m so stoked.

Why did they decide to open their own gym? Well, they had excess money, so they decided to invest:

We never started winning so much money in our lives, we don’t know what to do with it. Do we put it in the bank?

So we invested it on the first thing we could think of. That was in ourselves, really, in our gym. It was something that we’ve always wanted to do in our entire lives.

And yes, they have some big plans for the gym and the future of BJJ in Costa Rica:

We’re creating our own paradise out there in Costa Rica, our own perfect spot to train.

I can’t thank Chatri [Sityodtong] and ONE Championship enough for changing our lives.
I hope to be able to change a lot of lives with our gym too.

Bring some great jiu-jitsu to Costa Rica and all the kids around there, start some local competitions and see what we can do.
I’m super, super happy and stoked and grateful.