Two Unforgettable Details to Strengthen Your Mount Position

Two Unforgettable Details to Strengthen Your Mount Position

written by Nick Chewy Albin of chewjitsu.net
Do you like Mount or Side Control Better in BJJ?

This is the question I got from Shay who feels better from Cross Side / Side Control or whatever you call it. But he wants to be better from Mount.

In this video I start by sharing how I prefer and preferred Side Control in BJJ as it was very natural for me coming from Wrestling.

After that I share 2 of my favorite tips for building a stronger Mount in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Both of these tips have made my Mount position better for Brazilian Jiujitsu and have also helped a number of my students.

In both tips if you pay attention you’ll notice that I’m dealing with the Bridge. Which is the primary means for most people to knock me off balance.

By taking away the bridge or by adjusting to it. I can make sure take away one of their best ways to off balance me and leaves me able to finish my attack on them.

I hope this video helps with your Mount position in BJJ.




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