Try This Snatch Single Leg Takedown: Even a White Belt Can Do It

Try This Snatch Single Leg Takedown: Even a White Belt Can Do It

Are you a white belt without a grappling background… Or you simply haven’t given much time nor attention to learning takedowns? Whatever the case may be, it’s vital that you start investing serious time into learning takedowns; at least until you have the simple setups under your belt!
For instance, the basic Snatch Single Leg setup is quite simple to learn. Nevertheless, you’ll need to drill it a number of times, but the mechanics are easy – and with a bit of patience, you’ll ace it!

Dante Leon demonstrates and explains.



To begin with this setup, you’re going to get a Collar Tie on your training partner. Unless they already have some (good) wrestling experience, they’ll react with a Collar Tie themselves. This is the starting point for your takedown.

Dante Leon explains that the most important thing here is to clear the training partner’s elbow with your shoulder. That is, your shoulder needs to go past their elbow if you want to make the distance.
To do so, simply grab the partner’s elbow and swipe it clean off of your head. Then, step in and attach your forehead to the side of their torso. From there, grab the leg and bring it up by driving yourself into the training partner. Don’t just try to pick up their leg, but rather make your partner imbalanced and let the leg “come to you”.

Watch the video below and see how to execute this Snatch Single Leg setup:

2018 Wrestling world champion J’Den Cox demonstrates The Single Leg Takedown.

This is a clip off of his new instructional series “Dynamic Takedowns for BJJ.

J’Den Cox is a 3x NCAA Champion, 4x NCAA All American, 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist, 2017 World Bronze Medalist, and 2018 World Gold Medalist.

J’Den is considered by man one of the most talented wrestlers in American history. Known for his technical and acrobatic style J’Den is a mastermind on the mats.

One Of The Best Wrestlers On The Planet Is Now Here With BJJ Fanatics To Show The Fluid, Dynamic, Effective Takedowns That Every BJJ Practitioner Should Have In His Arsenal (and a few sneaky ones you can use to surprise the competition).