Try This Collar Grip to X Guard Setup by Gui Mendes

Try This Collar Grip to X Guard Setup by Gui Mendes

Having an ability to utilize a wide array of guards in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can only make you better. So, as soon as you start feeling comfortable with the “classic” guards (i.e. Closed Guard, Open Guard, Half Guard), you should go ahead and try out other variations. For example, the X Guard.
However, in order to learn how to “play” with this guard, you need to know how to enter it first! Gui Mendes demonstrates one such setup – using a Collar Grip.



To initiate this entry into the X Guard, Gui Mendes first explains that you need to be active in your attempts to fool the opponent. That is: in fooling them to believe that you’ll go for something else, not for the X Guard.
For instance, you could do this by tricking them into believing that you’re going for an Ankle Pick. Or by tripping their foot on the outside, as well as by bluffing a Collar Drag. Whatever it is that you opt for, make sure that they’re moving and that you have your Collar Grip in place.

From there, Mendes emphasizes that you should first hook their leg; that you shouldn’t just slide underneath them to get into X Guard. So, once you hook the opponent’s leg, lift your hips up – and then pull them across while simultaneously sliding your other arm underneath their leg.
For more details, as well as for knowledge on the importance of proper distance and being connected to your opponent, watch Gui Mendes on the video below:

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