Try One Of The Weirdest Triangle Choke Setups – The Helicopter Triangle

Try One Of The Weirdest Triangle Choke Setups – The Helicopter Triangle

The triangle choke from guard is one of the first submissions that you will typically learn in BJJ. It is highly effective and will work at all levels.

There are so many ways to set up a triangle choke. To catch a technically superior opponent, you will need to have a very tricky and sneaky set up that will catch them off guard.

The triangle choke is one of the most common and also one of the highest percentage submissions in Grappling.
When executed perfectly, it is a powerful weapon which is very hard to escape.

There are so many micro adjustments that make it so much more effective. This is what some grapplers such as Rickson Gracie call “Invisible” details.

You know that situation when you open your legs in Closed Guard and start setting up stuff, but then your training partner positions his arm in-between your legs and grabs one of them? Yeah… It’s a really frequent situation.
Here’s a great option for when it happens: the Helicopter Triangle. Its setup is kind of weird, but very effective.

Neil Melanson demonstrates:

This 8-part series has all of Neil’s most effective ways to triangle your opponent and how you can start using this skill as part of your game.

  • Neil Melanson is one of the best grappling coaches in the world, with a rare mix of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, catch wrestling, MMA ground game, and other grappling disciplines.
  • Set up and finish different forms of triangle, including reverse triangle, the corner lock triangle, hand choke triangle, and many more.