Try This When Facing A Wrestler in a BJJ Match

Try This When Facing A Wrestler in a BJJ Match

Lets start by saying that wrestlers are the hardest opponents to deal with. They have explosion, strength and body control like nobody. They can keep the fight standing or take it to the ground. Many of the UFC champions come from strong wrestling pedigrees. There is no denying their effectiveness, but they don’t have to be a living nightmare for you, because like every art out there, they have some weaknesses we can exploit.

Wrestlers do not have to worry about submissions in their sport.

 so the guillotine is almost always there when they are executing their takedowns. Though they have a large arsenal of takedown options, they typically go for a single leg or a double leg takedown. It becomes a very predictable pattern, they shoot, you choke.

BJJ black belt Nick ‘Chewy’ Albin advises to try this strategy when facing a wrestler in a BJJ match:


“How do you deal with the Takedown aspect of a Wrestler who’s in a Grappling competition? Or what do you do when someone’s better at take downs?

As a Wrestler who got into Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I can tell you that I used to put a lot of focus on takedowns.

When I would go to a BJJ competition. I would do everything I could in order to get on top of the person.

Oftentimes if someone pulled me into Guard it kind of sucked the wind out of my sails. I wouldn’t have the points for getting the takedown and it took away my forward momentum.

In this video I respond to a question from Cassie who has a son, Ryan, who is competing in local superfight matches.

His matches have been going well but she’s now noticing that the area gyms are offering more wrestling in their BJJ training. And their gym does not offer it.

The question from them is how do you approach a situation in a competition when your opponent has superior takedowns.

Chad and I both show options as to how we deal with this situation in BJJ tournaments or competitions.

The main idea is to converse your energy on the feet and save it for once you get to the ground. In my case I use a Guard Pull into Half Guard for the sweep.

But I’ll save the details and let you see them in the video. :)”


Wrestling can make or break you in a tournament.  If you, like many other want to win the ADCC one day, you better start training wrestling now!  This can give you the competitive edge.  If you don’t have a place to train wrestling, check out Hudson Taylor’s “Wrestling for BJJ” DVD Set.  Hudson was a division 1 all American wrestler and he is a blue belt World Champion.