Travis Stevens’ High Percentage Uchi Mata Set Up

Travis Stevens’ High Percentage Uchi Mata Set Up

Travis Stevens is probably the hardest working judoka around…

Travis Stevens aka ‘The Judo Silencer’ is a judoka from the United States who in 2016 achieved a silver medal in the Rio Olympics. He is also a BJJ black belt under the legendary John Danaher.

 Stevens has said that he trains up to 6 times a day!

Olympic Silver Medalist Travis Stevens’s Training Week: 6 Sessions/Day!

Stevens has been vocal in the past about his views on Crossfit. Check out this article “I’m an Olympian and I will Never Do Crossft” where he says exactly why he felt that it was a waste of time for him.

Stevens recently shared his favorite set up for Uchi Mata. Stevens had great success with this move in his glorious Judo career.

In Judo, Uchi mata is called “the King of Throws”. Uchi Mata is Ashi Waza or a foot technique, and known as one of the most difficult throws but also the most beautiful.

If you are interested in learning more of Travis’ highly effective Judo game check out this 4 dvd set that was put together by Travis and his coach, Jimmy Pedro.

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