Top BJJ Competitors New Year Resolutions For 2013


The new year brings new focus and a clean sheet on the past year’s mistakes or failures. Here is what the top BJJ competettors and coaches plan to achieve in 2013:

Source: Graciemag

Andre Galvao: “I want to get my team stronger and I would like to win my ADCC superfight.”

Robert Drysdale: “I plan on keep fighting, growing the gym’s membership, training my students to even better results and bettering our affiliate program!”

Mendes Brothers: “Our goal for 2013 is the same of every year: ‘Do our best to be the best’ and we are ready to put in a lot of work and have great results. This past year was an amazing year for us, we achieved our third world title in the black belt division and we opened the academy of our dreams in California. It’s time to keep up this hard work and chase more.”

Felipe Pena: “My goal for 2013 I think is pretty much the same of all the competitors. I will go 100% for the biggest tournaments starting with Copa Podio and after that I will compete at Pan ams, Brazilian Nationals and the World Championship!”

Bruno Bastos: “As a fighter: Win IBJJF Mundials and ADCC Worlds. As a coach: Help nova Uniao to be on the podium at IBJJF Mundials again.”

Fernando Terere: “My resolution for 2013 is to train a lot for the competitions and focus on doing camps and seminar workshops in Europe.”

Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles: “My New Year’s resolution is to make my students champions not just inside the mat, but also in life. That is my main goal for next year.”

DJ Jackson: “My New Year’s resolution is to Grand Slam at black belt.”

Samuel Braga: “My personal goals are to improve my life by being more disciplined and focused on my goals without distraction as well as to be more patient to achieve my goals. I want to compete as much as I can this year and grow my school.”

Luiza Monteiro: “What I want more than anything is to be a world champion with the gi. This year I want to focus on gi tournaments like Pan Ams, Brazilian Nationals, Abu Dhabi World Pro and gi World Championship, which are most important for me.”

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