8 Reasons To Enroll Your Kids to Jiu-Jitsu

8 Reasons To Enroll Your Kids to Jiu-Jitsu


So you’re trying to think of reasons to enroll your kid to BJJ classes? We can give you plenty ! Read further down to find out more about them !


Reason number 8 : The kids will set objectives for themselves!

They will work hard for that next stripe, that next belt. They might even set goals to be better than each other, or perhaps aim for gold in competitions. The kids will set goals for themselves and work towards achieving those goals! If you think your kids should have goals and work towards achieving them , then send them to BJJ!


Reason number 7 : The kids will learn commitment!

Getting them to Jiu Jitsu 3-4 times a week will help them develop good habits and commitment. This is a very good thing to learn at a young age, enforcing the kids to be consistent with something and be punctual to training. If you endorse such values then  send your kids to BJJ classes.


Reason number 6 : The kids will channel their energy!

They will consume their energy in a positive way, in a positive atmosphere thus allowing them to be more focused on other tasks during the rest of the day.  This should also improve their concentration and learning ability at school and at home. If you want your kids to improve their grades and focus then enroll them to a BJJ class.

Reason number 5 : The kids will develop physically!

Science has shown over and over again that high intensity interval training helps build muscle, shreds tons of fat and increases the levels of good hormones in the body while decreasing the levels of the bad ones, as well as decreasing stress, increasing the blood flow to the brain while also improving cardiac output. If you want your kids to benefit from all these and develop a nice physique, proper posture and have a very good general state of health then  enroll them at a BJJ School.


Reason number 4 : The kids will learn how to defend themselves !

BJJ is one of the mandatory sports in MMA, being recognised as one of the most efficient forms of fighting all over the world. BJJ’s efficiency has been proven over and over again ever since UFC 1. The kids will learn how to control his opponent and how to submit him, so if you want your kids to be able to defend themselves from possible attackers and be safe then enroll them at a BJJ School.


Ruotolo Twins

Ruotolo Twins


Reason number 3 : They will learn respect and discipline !

You will notice a change in their attitude. Respect and discipline will increase as they take part in Jiu Jitsu classes, making them develop a strong personality.


Reason number 2: They will have better confidence in themselves !

BJJ is a sport that increases confidence in one’s self. It puts the practitioner in difficult situtions, making them take decisions in a split second, decisions that will either cost them or do them good. They will learn to have faith in themselves and their respective decisions and will be able to handle any situation that life throws at them, be it an opponent, exam or any other kind of problem.


Reason number 1: They will make good friends and increase their social circle!

BJJ is a sport that creates friendships on the mat. Friendships based on mutual respect for each other. The kind of friendships that  can last forever. They will develop strong relations with the team-mates at the club and it will benefit them both on the mat and off the mat. So if you  want your kids to have friends and be popular, then definitely send them to a BJJ School.