Tom DeBlass’s 30 minute Bodyweight & Plate Training Routine

Tom DeBlass’s 30 minute Bodyweight & Plate Training Routine

Grapplers that train every day do not have time for marathon weight training sessions. Father of 2 and BJJ gym owner Tom DeBlass recommends short, intense workouts injected into your busy day.

BJJ training sessions are usually relatively short but intense. DeBlass’s supplemental training sessions are typically short 15-30 minutes of work with a single 45lb weight plate, or some simple body weight conditioning exercises like burpees or pushups. By keeping the workout short,  you can work out more intensely as you don’t have to spend 2-3 hours in the gym.

When it comes to getting a great workout, you don’t need any much equipment to develop conditioning & strength on the mats.

You can use simple exercises with little to no equipment which will make you use your whole body which is more than enough for grapplers who already train everyday.

In terms of equipment, you really just need one or a few 20kg/45lb plates for this simple but amazing workout.

BJJ world champion Tom DeBlass loves using plates for his work out. His supplemental training sessions are usually short 15-30 mins of work with a 45lb weight plate, and a few body weight conditioning exercises like burpees or pushups.

Tom DeBlass on his simple and short workout:

30 minute homework you can do. Plate lifts, push ups, static movements. I promise you do this routine you will feel it tremendously.

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