Tom DeBlass: I Am Not Too Good to Mop My Own Mats

Tom DeBlass:  I Am Not Too Good to Mop My Own Mats



A little while back we learned about the judo legend that never passes up the opportunity to be involved in the gym cleaning ritual as it is more about – when we clean the mats together, we show humility and mutual respect. To think one is above or exempt from the task is wrong.

This philosophy believes it’s wrong to relegate this to junior belts or children as well.

This is the one activity where juniors and seniors should work together in spirit of equality and mutual welfare.


This is something Tom DeBlass recently chose to honor by sharing he doesn’t skate from the cleaning responsibility:

Black belt 9 years, about to get my third degree. I have traveled the world teaching and I have competed on the World’s absolute biggest stages.

Guess what, I am not too good to mop my own mats. I am here to provide a service to paying students. Hence, I am nothing more than a servant. It’s a rarity my students don’t argue with my to grab the mop, but I will also grab it from them.

Never sell out, never believe your own hype. Keep your head down, be thankful, and grind.

And he’s definitely not the only example around!



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