Tom DeBlass: “Jiu-Jitsu Students, Lower Your Expectations”

Tom DeBlass: “Jiu-Jitsu Students, Lower Your Expectations”

Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is fun… But can sometimes be extraordinarily difficult on the mind, too. Especially when you get into the trap of comparing yourself to other, more skilled training partners.
You know the story; there’s some young blue belt in your BJJ academy that can mop the floor with you. And that makes you both disappointed and dubious about your skills and expectations.

Well, there’s your issue! No, not your skills (you’re supposed to improve them anyway) – but your expectations. Tom DeBlass recently took it to social media, to explain why you need to lower the expectations you have in training… And when it comes to comparing yourself to other, younger athletes:

Jiu-Jitsu students, lower your expectations.

We are taught to try to be the best at everything we attempt in life, in Jiu-Jitsu it’s simply unrealistic. You’re comparing yourself to the young athletes that do not share the same life stresses as you, how can you expect to keep up with them?
Furthermore, you don’t need to keep up with them! Focus on becoming a better version of your own self and your time training will be much more enjoyable.

With that said, you need to keep going. If you’re making it to class despite your family and job responsibilities, kudos to you:

It’s truly inspiring when people get to class when having a full time job/family/responsibilities. You inspire me the most.


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