Tips to Edit Your Instagram Posts Like a Professional

Tips to Edit Your Instagram Posts Like a Professional

Instagram is one of the mainstream social media platforms whose dynamics shift rapidly. While the platform’s algorithm is significant, your content’s quality matters the most. To ensure that your images look like they were taken by a professional, all you need to do is master a few editing tools. Thankfully, you do not need to be a professional photographer to rank high on Instagram! With online editors like Vista Create, you may remove the background from image to ensure your content looks flawless!


Your success on Instagram is directly proportional to the quality of your posts. You are in luck! To master the art of posting on this platform, a good smartphone, a few editing tools, and, well, a lot of patience are all you need. We discuss a few editing tips to ensure your posts look better than ever.

1 – Start With a Good Shot

While the magic of photography is undoubtedly not enough, beginning with a good-quality image is essential. A high-quality image is of utmost importance because no matter how many editing tools you use, no amount of color correction or filters can improve a blurry photo. You do not need a professional DSLR to take an image of good quality. 


Your smartphone is capable of taking images of excellent quality. However, if you wish to post the perfect Instagram post, you must ensure the photo is well-lit. Remember that the key to a high-quality image is lighting. Regardless of how many editing tools you will use, no amount of filters can replicate the effect of good lighting.


While you may use artificial lights to replicate natural sunlight, we always recommend scheduling your photoshoots when natural lighting is best! Additionally, you may invest in a tripod to take more detailed shots using your mobile device.

2 – Work on Enhancing the Composition 

To get the perfect Instagram post, you must direct your efforts toward successfully aligning all the picture elements. The key to achieving this is turning on the grid feature before capturing your image. In addition, cropping is one of the finest ways of improving your post. Through cropping, you may remove any distracting elements within your image! Enhancing your image’s composition can transform your pictures entirely and make them look like they were taken by a professional. 

3 – Spot Clean Your Images

Found an ugly stain on your clothes? An annoying pimple that no amount of concealer could hide? Any distracting element within your image can be easily removed using a spot-cleaning tool. 


However, you must not over-edit your images. Focus on the minor details that capture the essence of the image. Many people fail to understand that over-editing your image can make them unappealing. Therefore, focus on editing the minor details. When you focus on editing the basic details of the image, trust us – you will spot a significant change within your images. 

4 – Add Effects of Your Choice

You do not need to be an expert to edit images professionally. Filters and effects are life-savers and can enhance your photographs significantly. The filters you come across on online editors can be used for various purposes like darkening skies, adjusting the white balance and contrast, sharpening the image, and more. 


If your Instagram feed follows a particular theme of vibrant colors, you may use filters to adjust the saturation of your image. By doing so, you may increase or decrease the intensity of colors. However, remember! Do not go too crazy while using filters. The key to editing your posts like a professional is to use filters when needed. Minimal editing and a touch-up here and there will do the trick.


Additionally, you must always focus on the quality of your images rather than the quantity. Think about it yourself, would you follow a content creator who posts blurry and low-quality images every single day or one who posts high-quality images every once in a while? While posting frequently is essential, posting low-quality images is not getting you anywhere.


Once you have mastered the art of basic editing, success in the Instagram world is becoming closer to you. However, you must remember that perfection can never be achieved overnight.