Tim Kennedy Named Best Pound 4 Pound Jiu-jitsu Players

Tim Kennedy Named Best Pound 4 Pound Jiu-jitsu Players

Tim Kennedy is a black belt in BJJ under Royler Gracie, in Ju-Jitsu under Terry Kelly and Barry Smith and in Matt LArsen’s Modern Army Combative Program. He is also an Army Ranger and a retired MMA fighter with significant stints in the UFC.

Royler Gracie Black Belt Tim Kennedy Re-Enlists In Army

Recently he made a guest appearance on the Tim Ferris podcast and the two discussed the bjj competition scene including the most intimidating p4p bjj players out there.

Tim Kennedy Held USADA Rep At Gunpoint

He was first prompted if Roger was one of the Top 5

Q: You can consider Roger one of the, many people would consider him one of the top 5 jiu jitsu competitors of all time. Would you say that’s a fair assessment?

A:  I’d put him in Top 3.. I’d tie him with 3 other guys.

Q: Just out of curiosity who are they?

A: Unfortunately Ryan, Gordon right now is definitely up there. Lovato. And without a doubt I’d have to include New York, I can’t remember his name right now.

After prompted by Ferris, Kennedy remembered the third is Marcelo Garcia.

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Roger Gracie After His UFC Loss To Tim Kennedy