Three Unusual Ways To End A Street Altercation In Seconds

Three Unusual Ways To End A Street Altercation In Seconds

Street fights are always a big no-no. Whenever you find yourself in a situation where it looks like that things are going to get out of control, you need to turn around and get away from such a scenario. However, sometimes this simply isn’t an option; you might have nowhere to run or your family members may be threatened. That’s why it’s important to know at least some basics and moves that could save you (not just from bruises but from serious injuries as well).
Therefore, take a look at 3 ways to end a street fight in seconds, demonstrated by BJJ Black belt and Kali Escrima expert Alvin Aguilar. They could prove to be life-saving at some point in time.



Prior to explaining how to do the first technique, Alvin emphasizes that in all street fight situations you should know where your opponent’s arms are. That is to say – your opponent may be reaching for a concealed weapon, or may already be holding one in his hand. How are you going to know that it’s time to run away by any means necessary, if you don’t see it? Or, even without a weapon, having an eye on your opponent’s hands is a great way to notice if they’re up to something. Perhaps the best example of this is when they clench their fists; if you see them doing this, they’re really close to attacking you.
So, keep an eye on their arms. And also have your arms on top of theirs at all times. This will enable you to block their potential punch, giving you the additional edge in a street fight.

Now, the first way to end a street fight that Alvin demonstrates is by tripping your opponent. He does this in an interesting way.
First, he makes sure that his arm is on top of the opponent’s and he closes the distance. Then, he grabs the opponent’s groin with his other hand; immediately after positioning himself to the opponent’s side. From here, he steps with his leg behind the opponent – driving him over it, tripping him down to the floor.

Notice that Alvin does this all at once, in one motion, not stopping or slowing down throughout. After you do this, he says that you can either run away or finish the fight by delivering a stomp against the opponent’s floating rib.



The second way to end a street fight in seconds, as shown by Alvin, is to first grab the opponent’s T-shirt sleeve on one side. You can use this sleeve to deflect punches, as well as to control their arm a bit. Make sure that you don’t get hit by his second arm by always staying on top of it; preferably grabbing it by the wrist in the process.
From here, you should close the distance by pressing your head against their shoulder. Then, lift their arm up with your sleeve grip and get to their back. From here, you have plenty of options. All the way from the unusual takedown that Alvin demonstrated, to the classic BJJ ones.

And thirdly, Alvin shows that you can use his weird hook technique to punch the opponent. What differentiates it from the „regular“ hook punch is that you’ll first place your hand high on your back – and then, you’ll let it drop down from there; utilizing its force to deliver a hook in something that resembles a sucker punch… And a very effective one with that!


Watch Alvin demonstrate these three ways in great detail down below: