This Unorthodox Straight Ankle Lock Works Incredibly Well

This Unorthodox Straight Ankle Lock Works Incredibly Well

The Straight Ankle Lock is often the very first Leg Lock that a BJJ white belt learns. However, with time, the athlete starts focusing more on other submission holds, such as the Heel Hook… Which makes sense, because Heel Hooks offer more variations to success than the Achilles Lock does.
Nevertheless, Jiujiteiros shouldn’t disregard the power of their very first Leg Lock. Especially when it has an unorthodox and efficient variation such as this one!

Josh Barnett demonstrates.



The Straight Ankle Lock is otherwise known as the “Achilles Lock” as well. And for a good reason: it attacks the opponent’s leg at the position of their Achilles tendon. So, whenever you get into a situation where your “Straight Ankle Lock” isn’t in this position, you will have much narrower chances of success.
For example, if you lock this submission at the opponent’s calf muscle, none of the experienced Jiujiteiros will tap out. Sure, they may walk off the mats with a sore calf – but it won’t be enough for them to call it quits.

So, how are you supposed to turn your “Straight Calf Lock” into an Achilles Lock? Nope, you don’t do it by sliding your hand down towards the ankle… This may work some of the times, but often you’ll find that it’s quite difficult to execute.
Instead, Josh Barnett demonstrates that you’ll slide your other hand underneath their ankle! Then, form a RNC grip on it – and you have yourself a nasty, high percentage submission!

Check it out on the video below. Josh Barnett explains in fantastic detail:

Legendary MMA Heavyweight Josh Barnett teaches his catch wrestling principles and concepts for the dynamic double wrist lock.

  • The double wrist lock is a kimura variation, that you can supercharge with these catch-as-catch-can secrets that have been passed down to Josh – learn this new style of grappling excellence: see all the catch details for getting the lock, controlling the position, and using it to get the submission in this total technical approach.

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