This Single Leg X to KNEEBAR Setup Works Every Time

This Single Leg X to KNEEBAR Setup Works Every Time

Much of Jiu-Jitsu is about adapting to new things. Whether it’s a new technique you’re supposed to learn, a new detail to it, to the defense your training partner learned, or whatever else it may be… Much of it is going to be about adaptation. About being able to go from one thing to another, without breaking the stride.
For example, if you’re going for a Toehold from the Single Leg X position and your training partner defends against it, you can go for a Kneebar quite easily! Victor Hugo demonstrates how.



Once you have your Single Leg X in place, and you break the training partner’s posture by pulling his collar to the side, you can go for the Toehold. However, your partners will often defend by starting to roll out of the position.
It’s vital – as Victor Hugo emphasizes – that you get your bottom leg free once they start rolling out. If you don’t free it, you’re probably going to lose position. Therefore, as you feel them starting to roll out, get it out.

And it’s by doing this that you’ll have the Kneebar right for the taking! Clamp their leg down and grab their foot by the heel.
Why the heel? Professor Hugo explains that this grip will yield you additional control over the training partner’s leg, as it will make it really difficult for them to pull it out.

Check out how it’s done on the video below:

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