This Simple Arm Triangle Escape Works Surprisingly Well

This Simple Arm Triangle Escape Works Surprisingly Well

Ever been on the receiving end of an Arm Triangle (Head & Arm Choke) submission? Of course you have… And how did it feel? It sucks, right. When you feel that choke tighten, there isn’t much that you can do but wait for it to reach full force and to tap out.
But, hold up. That isn’t exactly true! For, if you use this really simple escape, you’ll be safe from the tap almost every time!

Joel Tudor demonstrates.



This escape doesn’t require too much technique nor strength. Rather, it requires you to first clasp your palms together, and then swiftly push the opponent’s head with your elbow.
You don’t have to invest a lot of power into this push. Actually, if you do it with too much power, you’re probably going to wear yourself out much more than you’re supposed to. Therefore, create just a little bit of space. You don’t need too much, but just enough to catch your breath.

From there, you’re going to bridge. Pay attention, though. You’re not just going to bridge up, but you’ll bridge up and towards your elbow at the same time.
What this does is that it shifts you and your opponent to the side, which gives you ample space to scoot back and initiate offense on your own behalf.

Watch Joel Tudor demonstrate this in much more detail on the video below:

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