This Kimura Sequence Will Land You 15 Points In BJJ Competition

This Kimura Sequence Will Land You 15 Points In BJJ Competition

A sure way to get a hefty advantage in competition is always welcome. Such is the case with this particular kimura trap.

Stephen Kesting brings us a setup with Robson ‘Mau Mau’ de Lima Rodrigues that would allow you to secure a victory against any opponent.

Robson ‘Mau Mau’ de Lima Rodrigues has been training for 20 years and is a black belt under master Julio Cesar Pereira. One of his biggest success was finishing 2014 with first place in the category medium and in absolute ranking of the IBJJF according to his academy website bio.

This sequence is something he’s relied upon very often. Sequence starts from half guard!


When the opponent (the top half guard player) tries to stuff the knee Mau Mau catches the sleeve and swims over.


When the opponent defends and grabs onto his inner thigh – then you shrimp and bring in your knee!


You hook the foot of the leg you’ve brought in and butterfly it:


From there you Sweep and get into kimura position:

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At which point you resume being in top half guard. The score is now 2-0.

From there you start to pass.


Transitioning into sidecontrol will get you an additional 3 points making the score 5-0. You transition into knee on belly not letting go of the kimura making the score 7-0. Mau Mau then goes back into side control securing additional 2 points. In the end he recommends mounting while keeping the kimura secure for 4 additional points.

From there he recommends walking back into almost north south position and halfassing mount like this:


From there Mau Mau takes his right knee and puts it just under opponent’s head pulling back over and sticking a hook in for 4 more points and a total of 15!


You can see the whole sequence at work below:


There you have it, now you see the effectiveness of a strong Kimura grip and the versatility of it. If you want to take your Kimura game to the next level check out Robson “MAU-MAU” Lima’s 3 DVD set, “The Kimura System.”