This Kimura Defense Turns Into A Wristlock Extremely Quickly

This Kimura Defense Turns Into A Wristlock Extremely Quickly

If you had to imagine an ideal Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu move, what would it be? Not just a technique in and of itself… But a sequence of techniques? Well, one of the most beautiful things you could do is to defend from someone’s attack – and then immediately turn this defense into an attack itself.
For instance, turning a Kimura defense into a Wristlock submission! Here’s how to do it, as demonstrated by Henry Akins.



When an opponent attacks you with a Kimura from bottom Half Guard, one of the ways to alleviate the pressure off your shoulder is to go lower your forehead forward. However, this will take you only so far; for, the moment you hit the mat, all of that pressure will go straight back into your shoulder.

So, what professor Akins shows you need to do, is to lift up your leg and place your knee over your hand. Grab your gi pants (or just the bottom of the knee if you’re in no-gi) – this will make it impossible for your opponent to put any additional pressure on you.
But here’s where the stuff gets really interesting… Once your leg is in this position, you’re going to do a light hip switch. And you’ll get a nasty Wristlock!

Just make sure to be extremely careful when doing this to your training partners. Professor Henry Akins explains more on the video below:

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