This Is How To Start Your Own Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Garage

This Is How To Start Your Own Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Garage

So you’ve been training BJJ for a while, and you came to a wild idea… That you would like to start your own „BJJ garage“ – a place to drill techniques and roll with your BJJ friends!
But how should you go about starting with this endeavor? What are the things that you should keep in mind before you consider getting in the first training session?

Read on.



Before you start, you need to be clear on why you’re starting a BJJ garage. Is it just because you want to get more training in, providing your hobby with more time? Or is it because you’re considering opening up your own BJJ club/academy – starting a business, that is?
This article deals with having the first idea. If you’re looking to start your own business, however, then you should read this.



Now, your BJJ garage doesn’t have to be a literal garage. Even if you don’t have a dedicated place where you usually park your car in, you can find other areas to place the mats on!
Perhaps you have a spare room in your house/apartment. Or maybe you could find cheap office or warehouse space, potentially splitting the bill with your Jiu-Jitsu friends. Heck, even any grassy area will do!

Be resourceful. There are options!



However, it isn’t enough to find a random place. You also have to make sure that there’s enough of it; that it’s large enough for you and your training partners to drill and roll in!
Additionally, your BJJ garage needs to be safe. If you’re going to place your mats on the grass, for example, make sure that there’s no glass in there that someone could potentially step on. If it’s a closed space, make sure that you pad the walls as well, so that no one gets a concussion.



The biggest obstacle in starting your own BJJ garage may be getting the mats. For, grappling mats can be extremely expensive, and that can dishearten even the most motivated of Jiujiteiros.
But getting BJJ mats doesn’t have to be expensive! As with all other things, you need to be resourceful. For instance, you may find simultaneously top-quality and reasonably priced mats on eBay or Amazon. You could get some really cheap ones off of Craigslist or similar websites… Or maybe even find them for free!

Also, reach out to your instructor and ask if he has any recommendations. There’s a good chance that he’ll have a word of advice or two – and perhaps even some old mats to spare!



You also need to be mindful about the logistics of training. For example, will you and your training partners be able to shower after training? Or will you have to drive all the way back to your home(s) to get rid of the sweat and the smell? Also, what about the toilet – is there one nearby? What if someone has to go?
You need to keep stuff like this in mind. It can make or break your whole training experience.



And finally, if you’re going to be training in a garage, outside, or any similar space that carries more filth with it than other places usually do… You need to make sure that everything is squeaky clean.
Clean those mats thoroughly each time after training, and before training whenever possible (especially if they’re going to be folded in some corner in the meantime). Hygiene is the number one priority.