This Cryangle (Leg, Arm & Neck Triangle) is the Nastiest Half Guard Counter

This Cryangle (Leg, Arm & Neck Triangle) is the Nastiest Half Guard Counter

The… What? Yes – The Disrespectful triangle aka the Cryangle!
Yes, this position does feel as disrespectful as it sounds, and you can use it both as a choke in and of itself, as well as a setup for other submissions. You can, that is, if you want to make your opponents miserable.

What makes it so effective, and how can YOU use it? Let’s dive right into it!

CRYANGLE against the depp half guard

Yes, you can set up a Cryangle from the half guard position as well, more specifically from the deep half guard, on top.  Gile Huni of Kimura BJJ Serbia during a seminar at Kimura BJJ Turkey shows a cruel setup against the deep half guard. You can also set this up from the top half guard by basically moving your leg towards their head so that they set up the deep and you hook their far leg and set up the Cryangle. This traps the leg, the arm and the neck.



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