This Arm Triangle Setup Works Great Against Wrestlers

This Arm Triangle Setup Works Great Against Wrestlers

When you train Jiu-Jitsu, facing a wrestler can be a daunting task. They have great grappling conditioning, are very scrappy, have great base, and are very aggressive.

Wrestlers have strength, explosion and body control like no other type of grappler. Wrestler can decide where to take the fight, either standing or take it to the ground.

It’s no surprise that the majority of UFC champions came from wrestling. Wrestlers are to be respected BUT but they don’t have to be a living nightmare for Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, because just like every grappling style out there, they do have some massive weaknesses which we can exploit.

Taking down a good wrestler is one thing, but how about once you are on the ground with them?

Ever noticed how wrestlers often choose not to Turtle Up, but rather get up to “all fours”… With a lot of their weight on their arms?
You can exploit this by setting up a super efficient Arm Triangle.

Here’s how, as shown by Craig Jones:

Use front headlocks and counter wrestling systems to shut down wrestlers and secure dominant positions and submissions with Craig Jones.

  • Craig Jones is one of the best grapplers on Earth, with dominant victories against elite competition using these same tactics and techniques.
  • Kill the wrestling game with these lessons on how to exploit weaknesses in takedown positions and get the advantage for submissions like the anaconda, peruvian neckie, darce, and more!