Things BJJ Guys Do That Drive Their Girls Nuts

Things BJJ Guys Do That Drive Their Girls Nuts

Guest post by James Duscio, a BJJ black belt under Walter cascao vital and runs cascao bjj hard knocks out of Las Vegas nv.

My wife somehow always throws in her famous quote, “I miss being pregnant, because that’s the only time our hugs don’t turn into a clinch.” Unfortunately, it true. When you are a BJJ practitioner that embraces the lifestyle and is obsessed with Jiu-Jitsu, your girl often pays the price. Here is a list of common habits that we do without even realizing it, that drives our girls nuts.

1. Hey babe, let me just try a move out real quick. Whenever we see a cool technique on YouTube, in a book or in a fight, we need someone to try the subtle details on and unfortunately our girl is the only one around when that usually happens.

2. Our hugs turn into takedown and clinch battles. More often then not, an innocent hug triggers our inner grappler and the battle for under hooks begins and simple takedown entries become the norm. We forget that part of being in love is allowing our girl to have a double under hooks in the clinch (hug).

3. Couch Cuddles turn into back control. I roll with a lot of big guys, and getting a body triangle from back is tough, but not when it’s against my girl. That’s when it just slips in and a whole arsenal of submissions open up.

4. When she comes from behind and hugs our waist, we turn it into a Kimura. Though the intentions are just a simple waist hug, it becomes instinct for many to see it as an opportunity to practice our rear bear hug defenses.

5. Please, Please, Please come train Jiu-Jitsu. What we love we want everybody to love, and BJJ is something we often try to convince our girl to try out as a lifestyle. For some of us we get lucky, for others we just have to keep begging.

6. No matter what the occasion is, our going out outfits are always are best BJJ shirts. Hey, they are comfortable, they look good and we always want to represent our school and skills.

7. During sex, we sometimes think about certain guard passes. Not all the time, and not often said out loud, but the thoughts are there in certain situations where guard passes pop up in our head. Not the best time to bring these thoughts up to your girl. Learn from my mistakes.

8. Saturday nights often times means fight nights at the house with your whole team. Double dates are not the in thing anymore, its pay per view MMA fights that fill the house with cauliflower eared friends.

9. We try to convince our girl that cauliflower ear is an attractive feature on a guy. Its our battle scar, it’s a symbol of fighting ability that goes beyond the belt color. We have to try and convince her and ourselves that it makes us more attractive.

10. Our girls often times wake up on a Sunday morning alone realizing we are already gone to open mat training. Why would all the BJJ classes during the week be enough, we find ourselves going to open mat more often then we care to admit. Only in the movies do couples wake up on a lazy Sunday morning and cuddle in bed.

BJJ is a great lifestyle that brings a lot of positive aspects to a persons life. That doesn’t mean its always easy for our girlfriends or wives. So be aware of our habits and maybe once a week just let a hug be a hug. See you on the mats.

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