These Simple Tips Will Make Your Single Leg X Game 10x Better

These Simple Tips Will Make Your Single Leg X Game 10x Better

The Single Leg X is a fantastic position, full of sweep and transition options, as well as of submissions that follow it. However, you have to know how to play this position well first, before you can feel truly comfortable with it.
Professor Tom from the Grappling Academy has some neat tips that will make you improve this dynamic position. Listen up!



If you go for the Single Leg X too shallowly, it’s going to suck. Or you’re not going to get into it at all. Therefore, make sure that you enter this position from in a deep fashion; one which will enable you to engage the opponent meaningfully.
Then again, not everything is solved by this initial positioning. You also have to use your hips properly! Meaning, don’t just lift your legs when establishing the Single Leg X. Rather, lift your hips up as well. Then, when you clamp their hip with your foot, they are going to have a much more difficult time escaping.

When it comes to sweeps, there are two basic ones that you should learn in Professor Tom’s opinion. The first one is when you grab both of your opponent’s legs and sweep them; this one isn’t too difficult.
But what if you can’t sweep the opponent because their far leg is, well, far away from you? Then you have to move them: nudge them to one side, then to other, and then to the other side – one on which you’ll sweep them.

Check out the video below to see Professor Tom explain this and other tips in detail:

Enter Single Leg X with ease, Thomas teaches innovative methods that will have your opponent trapped in your Single Leg X Guard.

  • Discover the finer details of maintaining Single Leg X so that your opponent cannot pass!
  • Defeat even the best passers with grip and sweep modifications that always leave an option of attack.