These Are The Biggest Jiu-Jitsu Associations in The World

These Are The Biggest Jiu-Jitsu Associations in The World

Many BJJ practitioners know of the affiliations of different clubs. But you may be surprised about just how many academies each one has worldwide!

Here are the  biggest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu affiliations in the world as of March 2020:

1. BJJ Globetrotters (750 schools)

BJJ Globetrotters offer a de-centralized alternative to the traditional affiliation system of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They have a fundamental emphasis on promoting a non-political approach to Jiu Jitsu and treating everyone equal, on and off the mats. Affiliated academies around the world pay no affiliation fees but offer one week of free training for visiting members, are not allowed to deny their students to train elsewhere and encourage training with anyone. BJJ Globetrotters are also hosting popular training camps where members meet, train, teach, surf, snowboard and occasionally have a beer or ten.


This might change however with the recent news:

IBJJF Bans BJJ Globetrotters Association

2. Gracie Barra (700 schools)

GB Birmingham

With head instructor Master Carlos Gracie Junior at the forefront of Gracie Barra, the values of this academy are simple: Brotherhood, Expansion and Integrity. Within these three categories, principles include committing to a common goal above individual selfish needs and treating teammates as an extension of your family. At many major competitions, it is clear that Gracie Barra are the biggest academy in the world – chants and songs from the crowd cheering on competitors definitely makes their presence known.


3. Nova União (392 schools)

Nova Uniao

Founded by Dedé Pederneiras and Wendell Alexander in 1995 in Rio de Janiero, Team Nova União (New Union) have a high success rate with athletes. With more than twenty athletes fighting across the UFC, Bellator and other major shows and over twenty BJJ World Champions the team had an 80% winning average across major sporting events in 2011.


4. Alliance (305 Schools)

After training for many years under Rolls Gracie and earning his black belt from him, Romero Cavalcanti set out to form his own academy. With a host of very successful competitors, Alliance was formed in 1993 by Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti, Fabio Gurgel, Alexandre Paiva and Fernando Gurgel. They are known for their technicality and professionalism, focusing on competition and success in the sport.


5. GF Team (285 Schools)

Julio Cesar Pereira founded GF Team (Grappling Fight Team) with a mission to teach  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a global language. Beginning in Rio de Janeiro, the team then made it’s way into the USA. Keeping with the traditions of BJJ, GF Team set out to better the life of everyone through Jiu-Jitsu, from hobbyists to active competitors and athletes.


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Of course, there are many more BJJ teams all around the world. Here are all the biggest ones:

ZR Team: 175

Gracie University (Certified training centers): 169

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu 117

Checkmat 111

Carlson Gracie 99

Gracie Humaitá 92

Godoi Jiu-Jitsu 77

Icon 77

Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu 68

Atos 67

Renzo Gracie 67

Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu 64

De La Riva 54

American Top Team 50

Brasa 50

Caio Terra 49

Cicero Costha 48

Axis Jiu-jitsu Academy 47

Zenith Jiu-Jitsu 45

Robson Moura 44

Rigan Machado 38

Ares BJJ Association 43

Roger Gracie 35