These 10th Planet Warm-Up Sequences Will Improve Your Game

These 10th Planet Warm-Up Sequences Will Improve Your Game

The 10th Planet warm-up approach has received a lot of credit due to its ingenuity. And that’s for a good reason – it is easy to apply and it leads to better performance.
In these two videos, we’ll take a look at two 10th Planet sequences of techniques that you can use in your warm-ups. Seek out to practice these sequences at slow speed and in a correct way in the beginning, increasing the speed as you get used to the transitions.

Let’s start with the A2 sequence.


JM Holland starts the sequence with a knee slice when his training partner, Zach Maslany, is in a seated position. His partner blocks him with his knee and keeps him away by pushing with his hands against his torso and shoulder. JM Holland then lowers Zach’s foot to get his knee out of the way a bit, while simultaneously throwing his arm over him and doing a backstep – after which he continues pushing Zach’s leg away.

After that, Zach tries to escape by doing a Granby roll. JM Holland follows him, catching him behind the legs and clamping his arms together in order to initiate the double under pass. He squeezes his shoulders into his ears, so as to protect his neck from a possible scissor choke attempt.
Then, he proceeds to pick Zach onto his thighs and to stack him, shifting his right arm to the partner’s collar bone and the left hand behind his back – and then proceeds to put pressure on him. He goes towards the side of the „collar bone hand“ and moves to side control; all the while he’s driving his chest into Zach.

Zach then does another Granby roll, after which JM Holland proceeds with the double under pass again. Then, Zach does yet another Granby. And it is on that third Granby roll that JM Holland catches him in mid-movement by pressing his calf muscles towards the ground. He aims to have his chest pressed closely against Zach’s back, and then cable grips Zach’s leg at the level of his crotch.

After that, he simply slides his own leg under Zach’s other leg, putting him into a truck position. Then, he grabs the partner’s near hand in a baseball-like manner and shoots his arm through the space he created by doing so, grabbing his shoulder in the process. The other hand goes around Zach’s neck, after which JM Holland gets his hooks in.
Then, Zach looks to protect his own neck by leg pressing into the ground. JM Holland then immediately starts to angle out and close his guard above Zach’s shoulders.

JM Holland then sits up by posting on his right arm. He underhooks Zach’s arm with his left hand and then squeezes his heels towards the partner’s butt, in order not to let Zach turn into him. Then, he switches up his hand placement by putting his right hand inside Zach’s arm, and by shifting his left arm below Zach’s leg.
As he does this, Zach lifts himself up. JM Holland prevents him from turning into him by throwing his other leg over his head and crossing the legs. He then sits up yet again, tossing Zach’s legs to the side and threads his foot through Zach’s arms. After that, Zach sits up and by doing so falls right into JM Holland’s triangle choke, thus ending this sequence.



This sequence starts with Zach Maslany standing and with JM Holland having his butterfly hooks in. To escape the hooks, Zach immediately proceeds to put pressure on Holland’s knees. He then kicks forward and shoots back with one of his legs, getting rid of the hook on that side. He pushes the other leg to the side, moving on to establish the knee on belly position. Then, he shifts from side to side with the knee on belly position for the total of two times; on the second one, JM Holland does a Granby roll.

As he does the Granby roll, Zach pins his far leg to the mat with his own knee while grabbing the near leg with his arm. Then, he does a backstep in order to establish side control.
After gaining position, Zach keeps on controlling Holland’s leg and then slides his hip down through Holland’s hip. Then, he traps the JM Holland’s leg with his own legs and uses the momentum to push Holland’s leg down and to get to his back. While doing so, he aims to grab his wrist; and to, by doing that, not drop to the ground in the process – which could make him lose position.

In order to prevent the impending twister, JM Holland grips his hands together – to counter that, Zach shoots his hand under Holland’s arm all the way up to his shoulder, holding it. Then, he lengthens him and lifts him up, takes his back and finishes the choke.

For the sake of drilling, he then re-grips to a seatbelt grip, letting JM Holland press into the ground and initiate the escape to the „weak side“. Midway into this, Zach gets up and ends up in a closed guard to finish the sequence.

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