The Surest Route To Victory In BJJ: Pressure Over Time

The Surest Route To Victory In BJJ: Pressure Over Time

What’s the one, single most sure-fire way to win in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? No, it’s not the best strategy nor the best technique in the world – rather, it’s by adding pressure over the course of the match.

John Danaher explains why this is the case:

You can win some matches with a brilliant opening sequence, you can win some by surprise, some by tactics, but let me tell you – you’ll win most by PRESSURE OVER TIME.

If you can create sufficient physical pressure for sufficient time you’ll exhaust and frustrate an opponent to a degree where his resistance level drops below a certain threshold. And moves that wouldn’t have worked ten minutes ago suddenly start working.

But this is true for lower levels, right? Not for the highly experienced grapplers.
Wrong. The exact opposite is true, as per Danaher:

The higher you go the more this becomes true. Become a student of pressure and the effects of time and you’ll become a consistent winner.


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Of course, performance in and of itself isn’t going to make you the best, either. Instead, as Danaher emphasizes, you’ve got to develop unwavering self-belief:

For every person who believes you have the ability to get to your goals, there will be a thousand who doubt you.
Make sure you, yourself, don’t become one of those thousand – in a world of doubters stay true to your self belief.