The “Step In & Step Out” Drill Is Going To Help Your Guard Passing A Lot

The “Step In & Step Out” Drill Is Going To Help Your Guard Passing A Lot

The over under pressure is one of the hardest guard passes to deal with. If your opponent knows what they are doing, it is a real nightmare…

Anybody who watches the IBJFF black belt divisions knows Bernardo Faria. They also know his awesome, pressure style of passing that he uses to dominate his opponents. His signature pass is the over-under pass. He uses it to pass even the toughest of guards.

The over under is a high percentage guard pass it does have weaknesses. One of the most common way of countering is the head push. When you redirect the opponent’s head, you can completely unravel the pass, and you put the passer in a different passing lane, which gives you the opportunity to escape your hips and recompose. The head push is probably the most common way to defend the pass, but it is itself easy to counter…

A lot of drills in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are done purely for the sake of getting the technique down…
But some drills have a potential of teaching you not just the move, but also the feel and principles behind it – which you can then implement in other techniques as well.

For example, in the case of guard passing, you’ll find a lot of use when it comes to the Step In & Step Out drill.
Here’s why and how to do it, as demonstrated by Robson Moura:

5-Time IBJJF Black Belt World Champion Robson Moura Shows His Method For Passing With Stability & Pressure Using This Monkey Passing 2 on 1 System, A Crushing and Effective Top Game For All Sizes.

  • Understand the monkey passing 2 on 1 grip that Robson has perfected, including how to create an incredible amount of control with such a simple position.
  • Find really strong passes from the 2 on 1 monkey grip, including the knee cut, the BJ Penn pass, the little chair pass, and more.