The Startling Similarities Between BJJ Positions & Yoga Poses

The Startling Similarities Between BJJ Positions & Yoga Poses

Why should a grappler incorporate Yoga into his or her training regiment and which are the greatest benefits ?

  1. Lesser injuries.
  2. Better breathing [huge!]
  3. Better use of energy, so you can spar more.
  4. Moving smoother and quicker.
  5. Increased flexibility, of course.
  6. More powerful submissions and being able to hold them much longer.
  7. Improved balance,base and control from top.
  8. Your core will get much stronger, and this will help all aspects of your game.
  9. The number one thing for me is the mental calmness (Keeping Cool) you get from yoga, which is paramount and crucial in a big tournament.

Sebastian Brosche, founder of Yoga for BJJ stated:

“The more i practice Yoga and BJJ, the more similar they become. The underlying principles for improving in both genres are the exact same, so they improve and boost each other. If you are into BJJ for the long run, then Yoga is your greatest tool to stay healthy and nimble, no matter how old you get.

We always here stuff like: Why waste time on yoga practice, when ___________________ (insert elite BJJ fighter) only does BJJ and wins bla bla. But the reality is: The more yoga you practice, the more you will see how it connects to your jiu jitsu and makes it better. These are just some of the positions that look very similar, but the effects of breathing and mindfulness, dexterity and mobility go beyond just jiu jitsu, they make EVERYTHING better.


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