The Serbian Spine Crusher Is The Meanest Closed Guard Pass in BJJ

The Serbian Spine Crusher Is The Meanest Closed Guard Pass in BJJ

Opening a strong closed guard in the Gi is usually very tough.

You can either stand explosively and use both hands to push open the legs or you can pass from the knees.

For No Gi you can try this one:

Most Effective Way To Open Closed Guard in No Gi; Can’t Get Triangled From Here

In this video about breaking closed guard, BJJ & Judo black belt Branko Simonovic from Kimura BJJ Serbia/Icon Belgium shows a very effective and painful way of opening and passing closed guard.

Branko starts off by opening the opponent’s lapel and passing it under his back. He places a closed fist right in the center of the spine, forcing a huge amount of pressure.

The pressure will make the opponent very uncomfortable and will distract them from keeping a closed guard. Once Branko opens the guard he staples the legs and passes easily to side control. It’s important that you release the lapel control once you pass the guard as you can get your arm stuck underneath.

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