The Secret To Johny Hendricks’s Power: Heavy Lifting & Grappling In A Gi

The Secret To Johny Hendricks’s Power: Heavy Lifting & Grappling In A Gi



The former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks has tremendous power. He’s been working on developing his strength for years. Hendricks has a world-class team around him, including:

His strength and conditioning coach Adrian Ramirez (S&C) in an interview with Dave Meltzer, talked about how Hendricks develops power:

“I can’t take credit for everything,” said Ramirez. “Johny came to me as an incredibly strong athlete.”

“Before we even hear about a fight date, during the off-season, we’re in the gym lifting three times a week, pretty heavy. When we get close to the fight, six to weight weeks out, we transition to circuit training. That’s how he starts cutting.”

“If Johny lifts for two weeks hard, he can add 10 to 15 pounds of muscle, so we have to be careful.”

Ramirez uses a variety of exercises during the power building cycle, including:
•Heavy dead lifts
•Power cleans
•Clean and jerks
•Full snatches
•One-arm dumbbell presses
•Farmer’s walk
•Gymnastics movements
•Grappling in a gi

“Everything is done to transfer to MMA,” said Ramirez. “I think that was proven in the fight. In the majority of positions, he could out power St-Pierre.”




“Condit was the more dangerous striker. You have to be more careful. On the ground, Condit’s guard is a lot more active than Georges’ was. That’s what you have to look at. Range plays a difference. Condit wasn’t going to try and take us down. I don’t think he tried one takedown in the fight. Against Georges, we had to prepare for the wrestling, and had to tighten up our wrestling as much as possible as well as let Johny work on his hands. His hands get better every fight. From the last fight, he striking looked better. His boxing has gotten stronger, his kicks and knees are stronger. His wrestling from the training at OSU really got him in the best shape of his life.”

“OSU is a huge part of Hendricks’ wrestling success, both in the past and the present and we still try to utilize them for our training camp as much as we can.”


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Hendricks strength and conditioning training:



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