The Power Of Two: BJJ’s Hottest Couples

The Power Of Two: BJJ’s Hottest Couples


There’s no question that a couple that trains BJJ together will have an incredible bond. Many couples have combined their devotion to Jiu-Jitsu and to each other by enjoying the sport together. The saying goes ‘couples that train together, stay together’. The following couples have shown that. Through their shared devotion to the sport and training together they have also succeeded at the highest level.

*The list didn’t take into account divorced and broken up couples from the past.

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Leandro Lo & Luiza Monteiro


These two black belt lovebirds both train at Cicero Costha academy and are picking up medals left and right at the most prestigious competitions. They also competed against another BJJ couple: Tanquinho and Mackenzie Dern.


Michelle Nicolini & Philippe Pomaski



Michelle is a multiple world and ADCC champion and Philippe is an up and coming purple belt who is competing a lot in Brazil and the US. They both live in Santos, Brazil where they train at Checkmat.


Andre & Angelica Galvao



Andre and Anglica Galvao are a true example of a successful BJJ couple. While her husband was taking care of his MMA and BJJ career, Angelica took a few years off from competition to raise their beautiful daughter. Now she is back and picking up medals left and right.


Hannette Staack & Andre Negao


Hannette is arguably the greatest female BJJ athlete of all time, having won everything. Her husband Andre ‘Negao’ is a famous instructor, competitor and IBJJF referee. They run the successful BJJ academies Brazil 021.


Mackenzie Dern & Augusto Tanquinho Mendes


They have been together since Mackenzie was still a blue belt and Tanquinho an established elite black belt. The funny thing is that Mackenzie is from Gracie Humaita and Tanquinho from Soul Fighters but this was never a barrier. They travel the world competing & teaching and are truly friendly and down to earth people. They also competed in the Copa Podio couple’s challenge.


Maciej Kozak & Irena Preiss



This Polish couple is very active on the European competition scene. They are both multiple European and Polish medalists and Irena is also one of the best referees around. Maciej is known for his impassable guard.


Vanessa English & Gareth Neale


This British BJJ couple trains at Gracie Barra Nothingham. Gareth is a black belt instructor and competitor that is one of the best middleweights in the world. Vanessa has won the worlds at purple belt and Europeans at brown. Next up: the Worlds.


Mario Reis & Monique Elias



World class featherweight Mario Reis married his student Monique Elias last year. Monique is a formel model and has won the worlds at all belts.


Tyler & Jena Bishop


Jena Bishop wins Jiu-Jitsu world championship

Tyler and Jena Bishop are instructors at Gracie Humaita St. Louis in Missouri. Jena Bishop is a Royler Gracie black belt, and Tyler Bishop is currently a Royler Gracie brown belt. They primarily train in St. Louis under black belt Pan American Champion JW Wright. Jena received her black belt in July of 2013. They run the very popular website bishopbjj.com


Santeri Lilius & Emilia Tuukkanen



This Finnish BJJ couple is made up of some of the biggest prospects on the European scene. Lilius is a European brown belt medalist and Emilia is a 2x European champion at blue and purple belt.


Robert & Sophia Drysdale



Robert is a multiple world and ADCC champion. Sophia is Australia’s first BJJ black belt. They both run Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu in Las Vegas.


Laura Hondorp & Jordy Peute



BJJ power couple from Holland. Jordy is one of the best black belt rooster weights in the worlds who always gives Caio Terra a good match and Laura is a multiple time European champion and ADCC vet.