The One Thing Your BJJ Coach Can Never Give You…

The One Thing Your BJJ Coach Can Never Give You…

The time, effort, and knowledge your BJJ coach invests in you – his student – is probably worth more than you realize at the moment. All of those years of training, competing, learning, drilling and refining techniques… Is, more than likely, worth “gold”.

However, as much as your BJJ coach knows and as much as they have experienced, there’s one thing they’ll never be able to give you. And that is passion.
John Danaher explained why this is the case in a recent social media post:

One thing no coach can ever do for you is to give you PASSION. That must come from you and you alone.

If you lack it, no amount of coaching will help, the encouragement of friends will be of no avail and you will never endure the numerous hardships, disappointments and boredom of a long term training routine.

But how to “create” passion? Even Danaher isn’t certain:

What sparks passion? No one knows – but one thing we all know is when we have it and when we don’t.
Everyone always asks what a coach can bring to you – but never forget the one thing you must bring to the coach – without it nothing will happen.


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