The Most Effective Guard Passing Strategy by John Danaher.

The Most Effective Guard Passing Strategy by John Danaher.

Passing the guard No Gi is a different ball game than with the Gi. The lack of grips, the slipperiness, the speed and different attacks available means that if you have to adapt your Gi passing game to the intricacies of No Gi…

Main differences between No Gi and Gi

When using the Gi, you have access to a huge amount of grips on both the jacket and pants. When passing in the Gi, the grips on the pants will allow you to have great control of your opponent. In No Gi, you have more wrestling based grips such as grabbing all joints in the body.

Legendary BJJ coach John Danaher shows essential concepts for passing any guard in no gi. He favors the very effective body lock style guard passing.

If you’ve been following the pro BJJ scene, you may have noticed many top grapplers having incredible success with a certain type of pass: The body lock pass which is also known as the double over pass.

World Medalist and ADCC Bronze medalist Lachlan Giles shows the body lock passing system he uses to pass any guard.
Six full volumes of content, breaking down this powerful pass step-by-step.
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