The Most Effective BJJ Mount Escape That They Won’t Teach You

The Most Effective BJJ Mount Escape That They Won’t Teach You

Written by Belgian BJJ black belt Wim Deputter, head instructor at Brasa Team Belgium.

Remember every time you are stuck in the mount and you can’t escape for dear life? You are being smashed and left at the mercy of your opponent and are clueless on how to escape?

For many Grapplers, especially for beginners, this is an every day reality on the BJJ mats.
It’s fair to say that the ability to escape the mount is very important in BJJ.

In general, three main mount escape techniques are taught:

1). The Bridge
2). The Hip and Elbow Escape
3). Foot-trap to Quarter Guard

These are three techniques are essential, but there is often one important fourth basic missing.

What we need to understand as well, is the proper connection between those techniques.

In my experience grapplers often, even experienced one’s, throw these three techniques in quick succession until one hits.
While this might function often reasonably well, what you miss this way is a basic understanding how the different escapes work together.
Jiu Jitsu shouldn’t be random. It should be make sense and be repeatable in a dynamic environment.

This course is going to give you an idea of the mount escape system that I use and how you can implement it easily into your game.

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