The Most Dangerous Throw in All of Judo and BJJ

The Most Dangerous Throw in All of Judo and BJJ

The famed BJJ instructor John Danaher has noticed over the years that 90 percent of injuries in BJJ happen because of bodies falling in an uncontrolled manner.

This is why he has banned 3 techniques from his classes:

    • Guard jumping aka jumping to closed guard.
    • Scissor takedowns.
    • Tani Otoshi.

Tani Otoshi gone wrong:

Tani otoshi gone wrong (nsfw)

While we’ve all seen catastrophic guard jumps many were unclear just why tani otoshi is considered in this company by the world class coach. Tani Otoshi is a normal technique in Judo.

Judoka/Wrestler/Sambist/BJJ practitioner Shintaro Higashi explains why Tani Otoshi is the most dangerous throw in all of judo. The injury rate on this technique is crazy. Don’t do it in practice.

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