The Matrix: A Powerful, But Very Dangerous BJJ Attack

The Matrix: A Powerful, But Very Dangerous BJJ Attack

As you climb the ladder of your BJJ skillset and belts, you’re going to start experimenting with some different options. Especially when it comes to Gi Jiu-Jitsu and the way you develop your Open Guard within it!
For example, you may start playing around with the Matrix setup… However, beware: this attack, though efficient, can be really dangerous for your knee.

Professor Jon Thomas explains why that’s the case – and how you can stay healthy.



If you wish to stay healthy when executing the Matrix, you first have to be aware of the direction of the opponent’s foot. Namely, their foot has to point forwards and inwards… For, if their toes are pointing to the outside, there’s a danger of them rotating their knee outwards even more; putting a lot of pressure on your own knee, which could lead to a devastating injury.
Also, when you “throw” your leg over to the back of their leg, don’t drive into it with your shin. Use your heel. If you use your shin, and your opponent decides to sit down, the outside of your knee will feel far from comfortable – maybe for quite some time.

Additionally, it’s extremely important not to force your opponent into the position you want to achieve. Don’t try to “chop” their leg, but focus on moving around them and gaining a favorable angle.
To hear more about these tips, watch Professor Jon Thomas explain it all on the video below:

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