The Lightbulb Moment: How To Reach It In BJJ?

The Lightbulb Moment: How To Reach It In BJJ?

You know that feeling when, after a long and difficult “battle” with a problem, you finally come up with a solution to it? This solution often comes out of nowhere – but it stays with you forever.
This “lightbulb moment” will happen to you in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from time as well. But, it will never come by in and of itself.

Coach Brian Glick explains:

In comic books, when someone gets an idea a lightbulb goes on. It happens in an instant – just as it does on the mat.
But in training it’s impossible to have a lightbulb moment without also having everything that leads up to it; the daily efforts, frustrations, failures, small improvements, difficulties and adjustments.

Sure, it would be great if you could gain everything at once. But it doesn’t happen that way – these insights come to you in small parts, in fragments:

Be on the lookout for those little fragments – the first one is often the piece of the puzzle that leads you to the rest of them.
You connect with the first inkling of an idea and the rest comes in time.

So, stay vigilant. Stay consistent and you’ll continue improving, no matter how little, every day. And then, out of nowhere, a lightbulb moment will appear – leaving you smiling for all of training that’s waiting ahead.


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