The “Knee to Jaw” Technique Will Make You Enemies in the Gym

The “Knee to Jaw” Technique Will Make You Enemies in the Gym

There are some techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that aren’t… Friendly. That is to say, if you do them while rolling in your own gym/academy, you’ll make some enemies. And if you do them in a competition, well, you can be pretty sure that you’ll be disqualified and that there’ll be some sort of a brawl. So, it’s safe to say that you should keep away from these techniques for the most part.
However, where’s the fun in that? Learning these “dirty techniques” and then showing them to your training partners in a kind, controlled manner, will make everyone laugh and appreciate the Gentle Art even more. For example – you can go for the Knee to Jaw.

Wonder what sort of a technique the “Knee to Jaw” is? It’s a vicious one; Mike Tubbs explains and demonstrates below.



Coach Tubbs explains that you’ll set this technique up from Z-Guard (although you can try and set it up whenever your knee is up high against the opponent’s torso). Once you have this guard established, you need to look out for the opponent’s head positioning.
When the opponent puts his/her head to the side of your knee, it’s time to attack. Simply position your knee where their jaw bone is, clasp their head (do it with an S-Grip), and pull their head down as you push with your knee.

That will make for a gnarly tap. Watch it below:

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