The “Gordon Ryan Sweep” That Swept Buchecha at ADCC

The “Gordon Ryan Sweep” That Swept Buchecha at ADCC

The butterfly guard and all the various sweeps coming from this guard, is probably the best guard to play against a much heavier opponent in No Gi . By siiting up like that you are not allowing your much heavier opponent to pressure smash you.

Gordon Ryan made a huge impression at ADCC 2019 when he won double gold.

Ryan has become well known for his highly effective butterfly guard game. He often pulls guard and waits for his opponent to engage and then sweeps or enters a single leg X position which can transition to a back take or leg lock.

At ADCC he was able to surprise his opponents with an interesting sequence: a sweep from butterfly guard where you have an underhook and attack an Ude Gatame (reverse armbar). When the opponent defends, you transition to the buttely sweep. This is a high percentage sweep that was popularized in the last generation by Marcelo Garcia.

BJJ black belt Gustavo Gasperin shows how Gordon Ryan swept Marcus Buchecha at ADCC 2019 with this brilliant set up.

You definitely need to add this sequence to your game.

At a recent Quintet, Gordon Ryan was able to defeated the much larger Josh Barnett with triangle choke and he launched him into the air with a modified butterfly hook sweep.

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