The Evolution of Aranha Jiu Jitsu: Yan Cabral’s Journey

The Evolution of Aranha Jiu Jitsu: Yan Cabral’s Journey

Running a successful BJJ or MMA academy takes dedication, effective management, and a strong sense of community. Yan Cabral, head coach and owner of Aranha Jiu Jitsu, shares how his gym grew from its early days renting space in a fitness club to a thriving independent center for martial arts enthusiasts in the center of Barcelona.


Aranha Jiu Jitsu’s Beginnings

Yan Cabral, a renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt representing Nova Uniao and former UFC fighter, founded Aranha Jiu Jitsu in 2006. His dedication to Jiu Jitsu, passion for teaching, and commitment to his students created a solid foundation for the academy in Barcelona where he is now teaching. From the start, Cabral focused on fostering a welcoming environment where students could learn and grow together.


Focus on Community and Growth

Building a Strong Community

A key element of Aranha Jiu Jitsu’s success has been its strong sense of community. Cabral emphasizes creating connections among students, which has fostered a supportive and motivating atmosphere. Regular participation in competitions, open mat sessions, and additional fun activities outside the mats, have helped strengthen these bonds.

Simplifying Daily Operations with MAAT

As the academy grew and it moved from being inside a fitness gym first, to an independent location later, to an even larger location shortly after, managing daily operations became more complex. At that point Yan turned to MAAT, a modern gym management software tailored for BJJ & MMA academies to streamline administrative tasks. He recognized MAAT’s potential from its early stages, seeing how it could help him focus more on training, teaching and less on paperwork. 

“MAAT simplifies the daily operations for Aranha Jiu Jitsu, making tasks like member check-ins, class scheduling, and payment very simple. This frees up time for coaches and staff to engage more with members and enhance their training experience”.

Enabling Growth at Different Stages

Aranha Jiu Jitsu Barcelona has experienced significant growth over the years expanding its class offerings ranging from BJJ, Grappling & Wrestling to MMA and Boxing in a new vibrant location in the center of Barcelona. To support this growth MAAT was there at each stage simplifying administrative operations and enabling better interaction within the expanded gym community making it easier for members to stay informed and connected.


Yan Cabral’s journey with Aranha Jiu Jitsu highlights the importance of community, efficient management, and embracing technology in running a successful combat sport academy. By focusing on these aspects and working with a trusted partner like MAAT, Aranha Jiu Jitsu has grown significantly, providing a supportive environment for its members to thrive. Whether you’re looking to streamline your gym’s operations, foster a stronger community, or just opening a new gym, the strategies employed by Yan offer valuable insights.

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