“The Chiropractor” Submission Will Catch Everyone By Surprise

“The Chiropractor” Submission Will Catch Everyone By Surprise

Leglocks will never stop being cool! There are so many variations to them, so many options, so many small details that make them awesome… But, what makes some of them even cooler than the others, is that they can be done from unexpected positions – such as the Chiropractor!
This is a leglock submission from Side Control your opponents won’t see coming… So let’s get to it!



The position you start setting the Chiropractor in is not the „classic“ Side Control one; but the Reverse Kesa Gatame one. In this position, the instructor shows how you need to be sitting on your opponent’s arm and distributing your weight over their torso in such a manner that you’re blocking their other shoulder from coming off the ground.
This is particularly important, because you want to make it impossible for your opponent to turn into you completely – if they manage to do that, they’ll be able to create space by hip escaping, and you’ll lose your dominant position.

On the other hand, you still want to leave them the option of turning their hips and legs into you. Why? Because you want them to turn their legs into you! Once they do this by trying to escape – more importantly, once they do this with their top leg – you’ll have just the right position to get them into your Chiropractor submission!
Or, alternatively, you don’t have to wait for them to turn their legs; you can grab a hold over their top leg, underneath the kneecap, and just pull it towards yourself.



And now is the time to get the submission game on! But first, make sure that you have everything placed in the right position.

The instructor shows that you have to use your bottom knee to block your opponent’s hip – if necessary, you can even lift it off the mats a bit in order to secure that your „block“ is there. The reason behind doing this is that, if your opponent’s hip isn’t blocked, they are bound to turn into you further and incapacitate you from tapping them.

Now, use your other leg to „catch“ your opponent’s top leg – and do so by catching it at the Achilles’ heel with your Achilles’, and then by placing your foot on the mat so as to make it more difficult for your opponent to pull their leg back. Furthermore, to make it even more difficult for them to pull their leg back and escape this position by doing so, make sure that your knee is pointing upwards, towards the ceiling.



If you’ve followed through every and each one of the pointers mentioned above, you will now have the required position – and you can tap your opponent with the Chiropractor leglock submission!

To do so, simply pull their „caught“ leg with your heel, towards your backside. The chances are that they’ll be tapping here already, because you will be hyperextending their hamstring muscle.
If your opponent is flexible, however, then this might not be enough to make them tap. To counter that, the instructor explains, you simply need to keep on pulling their leg towards you – eventually, it will reach your hip. And once it does reach your hip, well, you’ve guessed it: push it into their leg, just as if you would be doing when doing an Armbar. This will result in a great and effective Kneebar finish.


Watch the video below and take a look at this nasty technique in more detail: