The Best Strategy For Facing Someone Bigger And Taller Than You In BJJ

The Best Strategy For Facing Someone Bigger And Taller Than You In BJJ


It is not uncommon to see a shorter athlete combating a much bigger and taller opponent in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Anyway, it is widely believed, and Royce Gracie proved it in the early UFC events, that BJJ in fact is an art created for shorter practitioners to defeat bigger, stronger, and taller opponents.

Of course, you need the right tactics, insights, and useful strategies to beat the bigger opponents. So, what are these approaches? Read further to know the tactics!

#1 Take Initiative From Bottom Positions

First and foremost, an effective tip for fighting and beating a bigger and taller component in BJJ is by taking the initiative, especially from bottom positions. If you wait for the big guy to make the first move from the top, then it’s not easy to stop him from squashing you.

Therefore, in order to stay competent in the match, it is vital to make the first move as it will help you in availing varied opportunities to beat him.


Marcelo Garcia defetaing Ricco Rodriguez in ADCC

Marcelo Garcia defetaing Ricco Rodriguez in ADCC


#2 BACK is Your go-to Position!

Ironically, many short BJJ athletes are ridiculous with their back-attack games, which is quite a shame. Back mount is undeniably the most trustworthy position to end the game of a component bigger than your size. As a matter of fact, back mount is the most preferred position favored by BJJ world champions.

Ensure that you study the world’s best giant killers in BJJ matches, and learn how the back position is used to beat larger opponents.


#3 Learn From the Best Players

Perhaps this particular tip is the most effective tip to help you gain insightful perspectives for defeating taller and bigger components. Even startup entrepreneurs learn from various case studies before starting their own ventures. Similarly, study world champions who are known to carry spectacular success rates in defeating larger components, and learn and master their tactics.

It is a good idea to watch some instructional videos that impart training in effective techniques for beating bigger components.

#4 Make Your Opponent Tired

In other words, don’t let your opponent take any rest. You need to make sure that you are constantly aggressive without taking any breaks. The point is, if you attack without resting, you are in a way not allowing them to take any rest, which will usually make them run out of energy, and thereby, allowing you to easily take control of the situation.


Remember, the big guys are beatable. If, at any stage of a match, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or defeated, don’t panic and look for their pressure points to neutralize them. Strike first and strike hard.

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