The Best Sleeping Positions For Different Injuries

The Best Sleeping Positions For Different Injuries

In bjj injuries are an every day matter. As Eddie Cummings once said it – it’s more about how bad are you injured at the moment rather than are you.

Eddie Wolverine was even out of ADCC due to injury.

“Yeah there’s been a lot of injuries this year. I mean I’m always injured it’s just a matter of the severity you know like the amount of ligaments I’m missing.
That the pain I feel on a daily basis is sort of… It’s stressful sometimes like you wake up – and it’s like it takes me 10 minutes to warm up just to get out of bed and start training and that’s on a good day”

Eddie Wolverine elaborated:

 “I mean I’ve competed through injuries you know each match I’ve had I’ve been fairly injured it’s just a matter of the amount and severity and the type of match.”

But here’s something that will come in handy to all of us – sleep guide for different injuries:

The list was first uncovered by r/bjj’s u/orestis_prs

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