The Best SCISSOR CHOKE From Side Control Setup by Adam Wardzinski

The Best SCISSOR CHOKE From Side Control Setup by Adam Wardzinski

The Scissor Choke! One of the most unexpected submissions in the entirety of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. However, it can be quite confusing knowing how to set it up… Especially when it comes to Gi training or competition.
Luckily, Adam Wardzinski himself has prepared a demonstration on how to go about setting up this technique. Enjoy it!



So, how are you supposed to go for that Scissor Choke setup? Wardzinski demonstrates that you need to have one of the opponent’s arms isolated in Side Control, ideally blocked between your knee and hip.
One of your arms needs to go below the opponent’s neck and the other one on top of it.

Then, you’re going to clasp your palms together and start executing the choke. Pay attention to the choking mechanism, however! You shouldn’t just be mindlessly squeezing to get the submission. Rather, you’re supposed to drive your top arm’s forearm down into the opponent’s neck, and your both arm should be driven upwards into their neck.
This way, you’ll get the choke quite easily. Oh, and one more thing: try to keep the “sharp” part of your forearms on the neck. The choke is called the “Scissor Choke” for a reason.

Check out Adam Wardzinski demonstrate it on the video below:

Adam Wardzinski is one of the most successful Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors in the world today.

This is a clip off of his instructional series “Polish Power Passing” available exclusively at BJJFanatics.com

Adam has had success with his passing system against some of the greatest in the world including the likes of Leandro Lo, Erberth Santos and more.